Meet Coach Janna Sagimbekova

I practice a Coaching modality based on the concept that all answers are within you. I would like to help you build trust in the intuitive guidance of your heart, and let it guide you. Together we'll find a decision, or solution that is yours only and open the door to many possibilities and their manifestations. I would like to help you build a new a life in Canada. If you feel lost, or don't know the way forward, or have doubts about making the right decision, let me help you.

My name is Janna. I have been in Canada for almost 30 years, and am a member of Canadian Armed Forces for 20 years. I graduated from a Life Coaching School in Harkyiv and became accredited with International Coaching Federation. Life Coaching is where my passion is. I like to help people achieve their goals, maximize their potential, and find happiness in life. If you need my support, let me know, I will be happy to help you!

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